Thursday, April 21, 2011

Simplicity 9958

Argyle undies anyone?

Yes, I do in fact make my husbands boxer shorts.  If I can find discounted cotton fabric it usually ends up being cheaper then the store bought, but with some of the nicer fabrics it's about the same or over what you'd pay for boxers at a big box store.  However, you don't get the quality of a homemade sewn item with shorts from store.

My favorite pattern for boxer shorts so far has been Simplicity 9958.  It's a pattern of only boxer shorts not a pattern of a robe plus shorts plus whatever so it's all about the pants which I like.  It's also the easiest and most practical pattern I've found.  Unlike some other patterns I have for boxer shorts (I have a boxer shorts pattern with no pee hole!) this is the most wearable pattern I have.  I can usually get about one short per yard so last week I whipped out four shorts from some great fabric I got from Hobby Lobby by Brother Sister Designs.  Once you've made a few it's easy to customize the pattern to what you need, make it longer, wider, smaller etc.

A pile of homemade boxer shorts make a great present for birthday's or Christmas too.  It is a challenge though to find fabric that is suitable for men (usually I can only find girlish fabrics or little boys fabric) Does anyone else have a good pattern they use for guys clothing or know of a good place to find men's fabric?  It's certainly nice to be back to sewing a few things besides Ash Tree Organics items.  I forget how much I enjoy seeing a finished sewn item!

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