Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing Ruby

Let me introduce you to Ruby, my new single treadle single drive Ashford Traveller spinning wheel.  Isn't she a beauty?  She took a detour on her way to our house from New Zealand at some lady's house who didn't want her and sold her on eBay after only 2 hours of use.  Good things come to those that wait.  I've been wanting a spinning wheel since I took spinning lessons last year in New Mexico but have been putting it off because of price and because Ashford doesn't make the Traveller in a single treadle anymore.  I learned on a single treadle and like it the best and love the Traveller because it's small enough to fit in a car and take to spinning groups.  So I waited and last month this wonder popped up on eBay and because I have a great husband who agreed to an early birthday present for me she now sits in our house newly waxed and wonderful.

Remember this?  I've been spinning it on Ruby and  I've already successfully spun a bobbin of it into 2ply yarn that I plan on using to make a shaw:

Is it silly to name your wheel?  Is it silly to take this many pictures of it?  Probably, but she is pretty and so important to me.  It feels so nice to be back to spinning regularly.  I see fields of cotton in my future and maybe a sheep or two with this wheel!

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