Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before & After: Bathroom

One of the many things we've updated since living in our new house is the bathroom. The bathroom seemed somewhat unfinished when we moved in. The whole room had no baseboards, it had patched holes in the walls and the door was painted in a patriotic red, white and blue complete with stars. I don't mind that, I just didn't want it on our bathroom door. So, we did a little sanding, painting and rearranging and ended up with a nice space that I now love.  Here are the before pictures:

Before:  bathroom door with wild colors and no baseboards
Before: Sink with no baseboards and wall that needed painted to right

Before: commode area, no baseboards
And here are the after pictures:

After:  Added shelf with towel rack and newly painted door

After:  Sink with added towel rack and baseboards

After:  commode area with baseboards

After:  wall art, South Carolina basket weavers

After:  South Carolina basket being used as a wash cloth holder

I love our bathroom sink which was an antique dresser that the previous owner turned into a sink and I think it really stands out now that it's not competing with the red, white and blue door.  The door was painted the same color as the baseboards and having those up along with a fresh coat of paint on the door and walls really makes a difference.  We bought a small 'floating' shelf that we got for under $15 at a home improvement store that we put on the wall opposite of the commode.  It's a nice area to put our wedding pictures and a few neat stones we've collected.  Under it we added a towel bar.  We didn't do much to the commode area besides a sand job to the walls and fresh paint.  I added two pictures above it that were a gift from my Mother-in-law of South Carolina basket weavers, along with a South Carolina basket below that I keep clean wash cloths in.  All in all the bathroom redo was a success and I'm enjoying the new space. 

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