About Me

Danielle - ashtreeorganics@gmail.com

Eastern, Tennessee, United States
I try to blog about being environmentally and community friendly, things that are handmade and one of a kind, good fresh food, and exploring. I've been married for almost three years to my wonderful husband Lewie and we are expecting our first child late this summer (a girl!).  We have three cats: Hennie, Smudge and Ronald.
This year we bought our first house on 8 acres in Eastern Tennessee and have been enjoying starting our own hobby farm. We have 6 laying hens: Lady, Goldie, Lefty are the three we can actually tell apart.  We also have five chicks that  hatched on the 4th of July.
Lady & Goldie
We are avid antique collectors including cast iron, mason jars, oak furniture, Mccoy bakeware and anything else that's old but functional. We don't have TV (although we do have Netflix) or cell phones and enjoy the more simple things in life like growing your own tomatoes and taking a walk in the Appalachian mountains. In 2009 I started my own business, Ash Tree Organics (www.ashtreeorganics.com) in hopes that I could share with the public some eco-friendly lifestyles like using reusable grocery bags. I homemake all the items I sell right here in my small studio. Questions?  Comments?  Email me at:  ashtreeorganics@gmail.com