Friday, April 15, 2011

How to: Make an Easter Tree

Growing up, we always had an Easter tree around Easter which consisted of decorated chicken eggs.  I wanted to continue this tradition in our house.  We are bless with about 4-6 eggs a day from our chickens.  Lewie sells some at work, but I've been saving some of the neat ones for the past few months for our Easter tree.  I didn't want to decorate them or paint them in any way because some of them are so pretty just as is.  Each one is different.  Some are white with brown speckles, some are brown with white speckles, others short and some tall.

To make our egg tree I simply made a hole in each end of a raw egg then blew out the egg by blowing through one hole.  We cooked with the egg I blew out then I rinsed the empty egg and saved it until I had enough to add ribbons.  To make the ribbon attachment I cut several strands of ribbon and taped the two ends to a toothpick I cut in half.  Then I rolled part of the ribbon and tape around the toothpick and put it in the top hole of the egg.  Once the toothpick is inside the egg I let the toothpick slide up the egg until it stuck.  When done right the ribbon flows out of the top of the egg making a perfect hanger.  I gather some branches from our woods and used a mason jar with glass beads to make the tree.

Our Easter tree is a simple reminder of spring and how thankful I am of our chickens.

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