Thursday, April 28, 2011

After a night of tornadoes

Our neighborhood

Today we assess the damage after a night of tornadoes ripped through the South including straight through Tennessee and our backyard.  We were in the middle of it, although sparingly we didn't see the worst of it.  It was a terrifying experience of hunkering down beneath the stairs in our lower level with a flashlight and a crank radio.  We hugged and I kept saying, "It will be okay."  The worst part was a tornadic-thunderstorm that rolled through in about 5 minutes doing most of the damage with tennis ball sized hail.  We could see the windows from the stairs and it was like being in a slow motion movie.  You couldn't hear yourself think.  The hail pummeled the house and the outside lit up like a fireworks show from lightening.  It was like, if not the real thing, being in a tornado.  It was one of the scariest things I've experienced.

Window damage


After the first wave of storms passed and we lost power, we listened on our crank radio of people describing what they just experienced.  Some called it, 'canned-ham sized hail', others, 'grapefruit sized hail'.  Either way it was big and it did some damage.  Lewie's truck is covered in dents from the hail and his mirror is broken.  The 70 mile winds ripped the gutter guards off our house and our new soffit and fascia that we just had put on is dimpled with hail dents.  Our bedroom window broke as well.  All the hard work Lewie has put into the driveway ditches is covered in mud and debris.  But, we are okay, the cats are okay and the chickens are okay.

Roof damage

What's left of our tomatoes

Hail damage

I guess in times like this you realize what's most important to you and the thing I seem most upset about isn't a monetary thing at all.  Our garden was almost flattened by the storm and after all the hard work we've put into it it's heartbreaking to see it now.  Our tomatoes, peas and peppers were practically ripped out of the ground.   It could always be worse.  We have a roof over our head and no one here was hurt.  Life will go on, things will be fixed and the garden can be replanted, today however is a strange day of silence as everyone in the South wakes up after a night of tornadoes.


Robin said...

wow crazy stuff! glad you didn't have anything worse! That's way more than we had in the tornatos here last week.

Danielle said...

Yeah, we are lucky compared to some people around here. It was a wild night.

Danielle Bailey said...

That's right, the most important thing is none of you were harmed, although a lot of damage happened elsewhere. But in situations like these, it's always best to count your blessings as well. It's also important to have the damaged structures replaced immediately, such as your roof and windows. The roof, especially, since it is a complex structure which requires every part of it in functioning order, so it can adequately protect the house from harsher elements.

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