Monday, February 22, 2010

Blake's Curled Baby Hat

My mom’s good friend just became a grandmother and I thought I would send her daughter and son-n-law a hand knitted baby hat.  After looking online for a baby size knitted hat I decided to combine two patterns that I found and add my own twist to it. 


Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA
Color: Washington Denim
Needle: Circular 16 inch Size US 10
  • Cast on 34 stitches 
  • Join round and knit in round until hat reaches  6-7 inches from beginning, hat will start to curl up - this is okay
  • After 6-7 inches of knitting in the round, K2tog one row 
  • Knit one row 
  • K2tog one row again 
  • Knit one row again 
  • Thread tail through stitches remaining on needles and pull tight 
  • Weave in ends

Hooray!  You now have a cute baby hat!