Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is here.  With our last frost date scheduled for next week I put a few plants outside because it's been so warm lately.  Introducing our Roma tomato plant (on the right) and my dwarf pomegranate plant (on left).  They are enjoying the nice weather as much as I have been.  I have two baby Roma's on the tomato plant already and a huge pomegranate that's been growing on my plant now for months - see it on the bottom left of the plant?!  It's so satisfying to see something grow that like.  I wish that we could have a real garden but alas we always seem to be in the limbo of moving so it would be disheartening to put all the work into one just to move a few weeks later.  But, my Roma's and pomegranates are keeping me busy for now - and happy!

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