Monday, May 3, 2010

A new toy!

Meet my new toy:

It's a ball winder!  Ever since I saw my teacher use one I haven't started a new knitting project because I didn't want to make a ball without one.  She had one today that she was selling at a good price and I snatched it up.  I'm addicted.  It rolls yarn into a nice ball with a flat bottom (so it won't roll) and it pulls from the inside.  No more chasing yarn around the floor like I've been doing.  I was reading about ball winders online and in a comments section a woman said, "Do I need to join Ball Winders Anonymous?"  Haha!  I can relate to this now - I got home from school and spun all the yarn I am using into balls with my ball winder.  When I ran out I tired to find more!  Look how pretty it makes them:

Anyone that doesn't have a ball winder and is a knitter, weaver, crocheter and/or a spinner - I highly recommend getting one.  They are really fantastic!  My teacher tells me they can also be used for plying but I won't know how to do this for a few more weeks!

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