Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cafe BellaLuca

I wasn't planning on writing any posts about specific restaurants when I started this blog but after our dinner at Cafe BellaLuca in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, I find it hard not to.  I would just like to bring attention to the fact that this place has it together.  Above is the house greens salad I ordered - all organic - a nice bed of nutritional greens (not your average house salad of iceberg), a few onions, cucumbers, sprouts and topped with a sun-dried roasted tomato.  Delicious.  I was also a fan of the 100% compostable straw that I had with my lemon water.  Made from corn.  Not plastic.

Even their take away boxes were made of compostable pressed corn product.  Not styrofoam.  I loved this!  Not only was it good food but I felt less guilty about taking it with me knowing it wasn't going to sit in a landfill for hundreds of years.  Here's a picture of the wonderful meal I had (Littleneck Clams & PEI Mussels in Herb Garlic White Wine Sauce):

I know that there are other restaurants nationwide doing little things like this too and it makes me happy.  Hopefully more will follow suit.  It's time to make a change - no more plastic and no more styrofoam - just good, organic and local food!  Thanks Cafe BellaLuca!

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