Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to: Make reusable Christmas wrapping paper

This size is perfect for gift cards and closes with a button

My mom started this when I was growing up: making reusable Christmas bags for presents.  It is the eco-friendly way to celebrate Christmas gift exchanges, it is economical in the long run, and it involves being crafty which is always a plus.  You don't have to buy Christmas wrapping paper, then mess with cutting and taping or the time to wrap them.  Simply make a few bags throughout each month and by next Christmas you'll have enough bags for the whole family that will last you forever.  This is a great time of year to get holiday fabrics to stock up on material too.

My mom made super fancy ones with wonderful sewn on edges and drawstrings:

My mom's super fancy reusable bags

I'm not as crafty however so mine have tended to be more simple like just two pieces of fabric sewn together on the sides and bottom with the top being the selvage edge (that way you don't have to finish it), tied together with a pretty string:

 I did make a few that are simply large pockets.  Cut the fabric in a large rectangle.  Fold the bottom of the rectangle 2/3 the way up.  Sew the sides.  Fold over the top and add Velcro or a button to close.  With these I was able to experiment with a few decorative stitches that I never get to use like my mountain stitch which looks like mountains with snow on top - prefect for Christmas!

Mountain stitch!

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