Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

Last year we opted for a photo Christmas card but this year I wanted to do something more homemade, more eco friendly and plus I didn't have a good photo to use.  I was also given a crafty new cartridge from Cricut: Christmas Cards!  So I set up an assembly line and pumped out 25 Christmas cards.  They are made from 100% cardstock that was made in the USA and you can recycle or compost it.  No lead, no shiny paper, and they were pretty inexpensive to make.


Cardstock in 5 different colors ( I used cardstock from S.E.I. called Simple Sets: Savory - red, green, yellow, brown, and off-white)
Cricut machine or access to one like at a scrapbooking store
Craft glue
Cricut cartridges: Christmas Cards, Winterlace and Wild Card
Cards and envelopes (I used  Halcraft Large Ivory which comes in a 40 pack and is made in the USA)


First, using the Christmas Card cartidge I cut out the bird card in my various colors.  I cut these at 4 1/2 inches using the paper saver and as many as could fit on the mat.  You'll notice that when you cut all these out you're left with a cut that says, "Peace".  I didn't use these but hung on to them for next years cards.

Once you have all your bird pieces cut out, switch to the Winterlace cartidge.  Cut twice as many snowflakes than you did birds so you have two for each card.  I cut half snwflke3 and half accent5 at 3/4" in my off-white.

Switch your cartridge for the last time to Wild Card.  Using your green cardstock cut one phrase ornament at 4 1/4".  This will give you your "Merry Christmas" for the inside so only print one per card.

After you have all your pieces it's time to put them together.  Put them together as follows:

Then, glue these parts along with the snowflakes to the front:

And the inside like this:

I used a printer and just Word to print the "Love, Lewie & Danielle" before I glued anything on.  I also added a message to the back asking everyone to recycle or compost the card:

And that's it!  I put them in the envelopes, addressed them and posted a new pretty Evergreen stamp on them and they are ready to go:

I love a homemade Christmas!

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