Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas felt tree skirt

Last year I made this:

A Christmas card holder made with some left over fabric I had, complete with felt poinsettia's and felt stitched placeholders:

This year I decided we needed a tree skirt to match it:

I didn't have enough of the brown fabric left to do the entire skirt in it so I picked a felt that matched and used that.  You can find directions on how to make your own tree skirt on about a million websites so I won't go into detail how I did it, but basically all I needed was a large ruler, a marker, the felt, the fabric and a sewing machine.  Of course, as soon as I put it around the tree it became a instant cat bed:

but it does look nice under there, even with cat hair.  I plan at some point to make matching poinsettia's to put around the bottom but that will have to wait - Christmas is in a few days!

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