Monday, July 19, 2010

Having a tomato plant with BER

What I thought was a problem with bugs eating my roma tomatoes, I'm learning today is more likely BER or blossom-end rot.  All of the tomatoes on my roma tomato plant are rotting on the bottom and the rot is attracting these little white worm/jumping flea things (see picture above).  So, after doing some research online I learned that BER is caused by soil that lacks the right amount of calcium and or inconstant watering.  Apparently, tomato plants in containers get BER a lot.  Since I have been watering my tomato pretty regularly, I assume that it is problem with my soil.  I read online in several blogs that adding several Tums with calcium to the soil may solve the problem.  So, I dissolved two heartburn with calcium tablets in water and poured the water in my soil.  Maybe this will work.  It's so disheartening having plants that you watch over for months just die right in front of you.  But so is nature - always changing, dying, growing.  Perhaps this will help my tomato last a little longer!

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