Thursday, July 22, 2010

Green Mod birthday card

Today is my sister's 29 birthday! I made her a green mod birthday card using a few things I had left over from other projects.  I started with a velum scrapbook paper on top.  I got it many years ago and it is basically clear plastic with a green printed design on it.  When it is laid on top of another color (such as the lime green cardstock I choose) it really pops.  I simply glued that down in the corners to the cardstock to make it stick.  On the inside I glued down a lighter colored carstock to make a base for the stamping.  I got these great mini stamps on our vacation and I just adore them!  I used Martha Stewart's Stem Green ink for the letters and Red Chrysanthemum for the heart.  It's a simple but fun card.  Happy Birthday Jeanine!

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