Monday, July 12, 2010

Cast Iron Cooking Week

This week I'm starting the Cast Iron cooking week.  Recently, on our trip back East, we picked up a few new (to us) cast iron pans.  When I married Lewie, he came with three cast iron skillets that his grandmother gave to him.  I've been cooking with cast iron ever since.  I love cooking with cast iron.  There is no non-stick weird coating on cast iron like there is on most new skillets you buy at the super market.  They are also nice because you can cook with them on the stove top or toss the whole thing in the oven and they cook nice and even because of the way they retain heat.  Back East we got several cast iron items at antique shops including a Griswold pop-over pan, a Griswold cornbread pan, a Griswold waffle maker, and a Griswold dutch oven .  I also found a gem pan that makes cookies with bowling pins on them.  My mom has quite the collection of gem pans herself and was willing to part with the one that makes heart shapes to add to our collection.  Please join Off The Map each day this week while I share a recipe I use to make something in our cast iron!

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