Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make It Yourself: Homemade Cards

I really enjoy making homemade cards.  They seem much more personal and nice when they are homemade.  I've been making homemade cards ever since I got a Cricut.  However, you don't need a Cricut to make homemade cards.  A few cards I have made with just paper and scissors, like my Red Hot Birthday Card and Graduation Hat Card.  If you don't have a Cricut or paper crafting machine you can also simply use stamps to make a nice card.  It is nice to be able to personal each card, have them handy when you realize at the last minute you need one and they are cheaper then store bought cards.  My mom often sends us cards she makes using just blank cards and stickers.

The cost breakdown:

Pack of 50 blank cards and envelopes: $9.92 Amazon.com
5 packs of 10 sunflower stickers (Sticko):  $1.29 per pack = 5.16 Scrapbook.com
Markers - free

Use one sticker on the front of each card and then write or print with a computer what you intend the card is for, i.e. Happy Birthday!,  Celebrate!,  Congratulations!, Get Well Soon... etc.   This will make 50 cards at the cost of roughly $15.08.  That's about $0.30 a card.


I found this as an example of how much you'd pay for a store bought card that is similar.  That's over a dollar in savings per card. I will admit that some of the cards I have made are time consuming and also probably close to the price of store bought cards in supplies however I use a lot of my left over or miscellaneous paper supplies for my cards that would otherwise be thrown out.  Blank cards aren't that expensive to make though and are easily customizable - I don't think you can beat a homemade card.

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