Thursday, November 4, 2010

Red Hot Fire birthday card

We had a birthday to celebrate this week: Lewie's cousin who is turning 9!  So I made him a fire themed card to go with his fire themed gift (a t-shirt and book).  I have yet to unpack all of my card making supplies so I had to make this one entirely from hand.  I have included templates for the card here and here

Cardstock in black, orange, red and yellow
The templates from here and here 
A printer
Craft glue


Start by downing the templates and blowing up the flame template to the desired size of your card.  You can either print them out as they are and use that, or print them out, cut them out and trace them onto cardstock.  Once you have them on either cardstock or regular paper and they are cut out, glue the red flames onto your orange cardstock.  Cut around the red flames leaving just a small line of orange.  Then glue your yellow flames onto your red and orange flames.  Glue this whole set of flames onto your black cardstock after you cut out the size card you need.  For example, my black cardstock was 8x4 inches, which in turn made my card a 4x4 inch card so my flames were only 4 inches wide.  After you let this dry, print out the other template for the inside of the card.  Cut this so that it will fit inside the card (mine was a little bit less then 4x4 inches.  Glue this on the inside and then you are done!

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