Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring garden

Radish seedlings

Our spring gardens are coming up like weeds.  We've had nice warm weather and a lot of rain so I think that helps.  Here in Tennessee we were able to plant our cold spring garden in February and it's amazing to me that possibly by the end of this month we'll have radish, lettuce and spinach.  We also planted snap peas but they take a little bit longer to produce although they are sticking out of the ground already too.  We invested this year and purchased 6 Mary Washington asparagus plants and 3 Jersey Giant asparagus plants along with 2 rhubarb plants that are now in the ground also.  These are a gamble as we've learned both are hard to grow in Tennessee because of the hot temperatures and humidity levels.  Both take several years to produce anything so we'll see what happens.

Brandywines growing in the Aerogarden

The seeds we started indoors have all come up as well.  We have 6 Brandywine tomato plants, 6 Amish Paste tomato, 4 Lemon Drop Cherry tomato, 1 eggplant, 3 Golden Flame peppers, and 3 hot peppers that are all up.  We may decide to weed down the tomato plants because we don't have room for 16 tomato plants!  Too many is better then not enough though.  Pretty soon I'll transfer them from my Aerogarden to pots and then after April 15th, to the ground. 

Peppers peeping up

And last but not least I had my first bulb bloom this past weekend!  I was the last on the block to bloom but it was worth the wait.  Now I have several blooming daffodils and crocus.  I can't wait to see what the tulips will look like.

My first daffodil of 2011

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