Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Before & After: Walkway and outdoor stairs

The house had really nice stone stairs that went up to the old dog house when we moved in but they were in bad shape.  They needed weeding really bad and at the top of the stone steps it turned into a walkway that was made from 1' x 1' red brick.  The problem was most of the red bricks were crushed and the yard was growing over them.  So, one of my big projects that I've been working on since we moved in was collecting all the stones from around our property, digging up the red brick and continuing the stone up to the now chicken coop.  The stone stairs were all found on the land so were the ones I used to continue it.  Because of this we didn't have enough stone, so I ended up stopping the stone at the coop and continuing to the coop door with red brick.  We cleaned up some solar lights that were also on the property and gave them a new home along the stone walkway.  It is really nice to do improvements like this and use what you have.  The whole project didn't cost a dime.  I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.  Now, I can walk up to the coop at night and I have some direction with the paths and lights.  I still have a few red bricks left over which I plan to add next to the coop around our future compost bins.  

Before: Walkway when we moved in

 After: New stone walkway

Before: Red brick's leading to chicken coop

After: New red brick path leading to chicken coop door

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