Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wa na na na na na Bat Shawl!

 Blocking the bat shawl on the deck

So, I lied, the black alpaca I got wasn't for a Christmas present it was for a birthday present.  My mom's birthday is right around Halloween and we are a family way into bats.  My parents were both cavers and we all admire bats.  So, when I saw this shawl as a show in tell at my last knitting group in New Mexico, I thought, I have to make that for my mom!  The pattern is free from The AntiCraft you can get it here.  Seeing as it was my first shawl, my first lace and my first time working with charts, it was a trial and error for the first month of working on it.  My errors included the fact that I discovered I knit with a twisted stitch which I have now corrected thanks to Sally from my knitting group and Emilee from The AntiCraft.  A twisted switch is when you knit and pull the yarn from behind instead of in front of your needle.  What a difference a untwisted stitch makes. 

 This is the first part knit with a twisted switch - you can't see it!

So, I had take it out several times, make it survive the move across country last month and then figure out where I left off, but I did it!  I think it is lovely and it is perfect for Halloween.  I don't have a great picture of it on, but if you go to AntiCraft you can see what it looks like on someone - although as a side note, I did not do the border, I only blocked it in a scalloped edge.

See all the bats?!

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