Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chicken Coop - Day 1

Dog shelter 
What it looked like when we bought it

Our new house came with this building just up from our barn.  The original owner was using it as a dog shelter and when we moved in it was just being used for storage.  Lewie and I took one look and thought chicken coop.  We have wanted chickens for a long time but haven't ever gotten any because we haven't been in a permanent place.  When we were in Magdalena, New Mexico we were lucky enough to have a few friends that had chickens and always seemed to have fresh farm eggs.  Once you eat fresh farm eggs it's hard to go back to eating store bought.  So, this weekend we starting construction on our chicken coop because this week we are picking up six chickens!  The coop is mostly already set up for us, but we did need to reinforce the floor, improve the human entrance, build a pop-hole door for the chickens, build the fence around the coop predator proof and build some nesting boxes.  Yesterday, I spent most of the day mainly cleaning up the area, like moving a brick path to make room for the fence, and getting nails out of recycled plywood we used for the floor.  Lewie worked on the pop-hole and also planning out the nesting boxes.  Today, we plan on finishing the pop-hole, nesting boxes and maybe finish the fence.  Eventually we would like to have free-range chickens but we'd like to fence in our whole property and we haven't gotten there yet, so for now they will be fence-range.  Our chickens will have a nice big area to run around in and all the breeds we are getting are good at foraging so hopefully they'll enjoy being in the woods as much as we do!   Follow the break that says "read more" for more pictures of our work on the chicken coop yesterday.

 Before: dog shelter
Moving the potting bench

 The old floor

 The old floor and taking the back off for nesting boxes

 Lewie making the pop-hole door

The new floor from recycled plywood

 At the end of the day: new floor and fence marked


Jo Castillo said...

Hi, I came to see who was writing about Magdalena. That is where I grew up. I love your chicken coop. Good luck with them, hope you get lots of eggs.

Danielle said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting! We lived in Mag for a year and half - my husband was transferred there to work for the forest service. We just moved to Knoxville. We loved the wide open spaces, blue skies and the no stop lights! New Mexico is a pretty place...

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