Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewing for knitting: DPN & straight needle case

I did it!  I managed to sew two more cases to match my circular knitting needle case and it didn't take me a year to do it.  After looking at many online I sort of came up with my own pattern.  It wasn't terribly hard, just a simple rectangle on top of a rectangle with sewn in slots for the needles and a flap at the top so they don't slide out.  This makes it easy to roll the case up and tie it with an extra piece of fabric so as the case fills with needles you can adjust the size with your tie.   I made two, one for straight needles and one for DPN's:

What a relief it is to be able to find needles when I need them.  I should have made these a long time ago.  But just when I think I'm done, now that I have some extra Loft 1800 by Moda fabric I'm considering making a knitting bag that can house my new needle cases and any knitting project I'm working on.  If I can decide on a bag pattern I'll make one because with summer here (almost) it would be so convenient to just grab a knitting bag with needles and everything and go.  Very handy with summer traveling.  For now though I'm so happy with my new cases, I finally have a place for all my grandmas knitting needles.

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