Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relocation Graduation Card

Yes, my sister is going to UCLA this fall for grad school.  She's pretty smart.  So, since she's moving to a new city I thought it appropriate to send her a congratulations-for-graduating-and-congratulations-on-getting-into-UCLA card, complete with a map of the new city she'll be living in.   

Cricut Machine or access to one such as in a scrapbooking store
Cartridge - Plantain Schoolbook
Card stock paper [decorative paper]
Craft glue
Blank card
Pocket map of new school location


I had a blank card that folds in the on the edges to close that I used for my base, but you can use a regular blank card or make your own using cardstock.  To make the outside I started with the Cricut cartridge Plantain Schoolbook.  Cut 1" U C L A or the school you are making the card about using your decorative cardstock.  I made mine in all caps.  To make the city skyline I used the same cartridge and cardstock.  Make it 1 1/2" and cut, TallBall City.  Glue these to the front.  You may have to cut your skyline down a little bit to fit on your card.

For the inside, using the same cardstock as the front, cut c o n g r a t s ! in whatever size fits in your card.  Glue this to the inside.  Include a pocket map.  To close my card I included an atom ring thing (see this is why I'm not the one going to UCLA) to close the card.  Cut a 2" Italic s-blast. Glue to the front to close.

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