Saturday, February 12, 2011

Felt Valentine's Day cards

I've always liked Valentine's Day, mostly because of the craftiness that comes with it - making Valentine's, making homemade gifts for your sweetie, and when I was young, making the very best Valentine's box for school.  This year my craftiness involved making a bunch of fast easy cards using felt and cardstock. 

Cricut Machine or access to one such as in a scrapbooking store
Cartridge - Just Because Cards
Cardstock paper in 3 colors [cream, red and pink]
Craft glue
Scissors (sewing and regular)
Bone folder
Felt in light red
Sewing machine or pin if doing it by hand
Red thread


Start by making your card base.  Using the Just Because Cards cartridge, a Cricut and a cream colored cardstock, cut out one radish 4 1/2".  Next, using your pink cardstock, cut out one radish-s.  This makes the scalloped base.  Using a ruler, scissors and red cardstock cut out a square smaller then your card base but bigger then the scalloped base.  Glue these together.  Then, using the light red felt, cut out a heart using sewing scissors that is big enough to fit inside of the pink scalloped cardstock.  I used my sewing machine to then sew the felt heart onto the front of the card.  You can also do this by hand.  When finished I simple wrote, Happy Valentine's Day! on the inside.

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