Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Color for mailbox?

Speaking of bulbs by the mailbox, every day I go up there to check on how they are doing and get the mail and I am reminded that our mailbox needs a face lift.  Our mailbox has seen better days.  I doesn't need replacing, it just needs a paint job.  Anyone have suggestions for color?  Most of the mailboxes on our street are barn red, dark brown or black.  It has to be a color that is darker because I'll also be using it to paint our house number on a large rock that's below the mailbox.  I hate to go buy a can but since we don't have anything lying around, I'm guessing I'll be using spray paint for this project.  RustOleum has a neat website where you can click on the type of object your covering and it gives you a list of sprays that will work on it.  I like this American Accent paint.  I like the Claret Wine and Lagoon.  What colors do you like or think I should paint the mailbox?

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Lewie said...

I like the midnight blue!