Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Before & After: Gutters/Soffit/Fascia

Before & After front

One of our goals this year was fix our roof.  When we moved in our house didn't have gutters or fascia and the soffit was falling apart.  With spring around the corner we knew it was something we had to take care of soon so that bees, wasps, birds, bats etc. didn't find a new home in our attic.  I know that it's not exciting for most people, but for us, with it being our first big home improvement project we tackled, it was so nice to see our house transform from looking like a barn to starting to look like a real house.  They finished up the work last week and we couldn't be happier.  We allowed for the gutters to come down on one side of the house near our garden so my next big project will be building a rain barrel.  It will be so nice to use water we collect from our roof to water our plants and use for the chickens.

Before & After gutter

Before & After side
Before & After back

With moving into a new house there are so many projects to work on; things to change and things to fix.  It's so satisfying to have something completed!

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