Friday, June 4, 2010

"Something to Crow About" card

Our friends are celebrating their first year anniversary this weekend and it's something to crow about.  I thought I'd use one of the new Cricut Cartridges I got for my birthday called, Just Because Cards, and make an anniversary card for them. 

Cricut Machine or access to one such as in a scrapbooking store
Cartridge - Just Because Cards, Don Juan
Cardstock paper in three colors [cream, red, and gold]
Craft glue
Glitter (red, silver, gold)


Using the Just Because Cards cartridge cut out one rooster 5 1/2 inches using the red cardstock.  This will be the base of your card.  Next, cut a 5 1/2 layer rooster in a lighter cardstock such as cream.  This will form the rooster shape.  Next, cut a 5 1/2 words rooster in the same cream color cardstock.  This will form the "Something to crow about" text.  Lastly, cut a shift words rooster in gold.  This will highlight the words Crow and To.  Glue the gold words on top of the "Something to crow about text".  Then, take craft glue and apply it within the area on the rooster where the feathers are - the Cricut cuts small guide lines for this.  Going in order I started with gold glitter, then silver then red and repeated down my rooster.  Tap off any excess glitter and let dry.  After dried, glue rooster and "Something to crow about" on the front of your red card.  For an added touch on the inside I cut out the words "1 year!" using the Don Juan cartridge.  Customize this card as you need to.

Glitter isn't exactly environmentally friendly, but it's certainly fun to work with.  I used Martha Stewarts Glitter in Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, and White Gold for this project.  I haven't mastered using glitter yet, but I'm working on it!

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