Friday, April 2, 2010

The Egg Show

Ba ba Barbarian Egg
Egg in car by our postmaster, Greg

The Egg Show has started!  It isn't a contest or competition - just a display of art work on eggs.  There are many great eggs this year and lots of creativity.  The town really comes together for this community event and it's neat to see people of all ages participate.  Here are some of the ones I like:

A Pinneggle

A Latte Egg
This is the egg I ended up making - I dyed it with coffee and 
drew a Inca bear on it - the logo of the coffee shop I work at
and made a stand for it out of coffee beans

Pear looking egg

Aleta's Polymer Eggs


Aren't they all fantastic?  More eggs will probably trickle in as the Eggsibition goes on.  So if you are in Magdalena, New Mexico any time soon check out The Egg Show - there's nothing else like it.  Because I have about 100 photos that I can't all post, check out Yvonne's flickr page to see more of the eggs this year and years past.  Happy egg day!

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