Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3D Easter Cards

I started making our own cards last May.  One reason was because greeting cards are expensive, they never really say or look as I want, and a lot of them are printed in China with unknown chemicals and dyes.  I received a Cricut machine as a birthday present last year and making our own greeting cards with it has become a fun craft project I look forward to as every new holiday comes.  This year I tried my hand at Easter cards.  I have to say that paired with a nice printed envelope and matching stamp, they came out pretty cute.  Here's how I did it:

Cricut Machine or access to one such as in a scrapbooking store
Cartridge - Wild Card
Cartridge - Easter 2010

Plenty of card stock paper [blue, white, tan, brown, green, light purple, dark purple]
Craft glue
Brown felt tip fine marker
Foam tape


With your Cricut cartridge Wild Card cut out the card "Stitched" to the desired size.  Once cut out, take out Wild Card and put in Easter.  Then measure the opening of your "Stitched" card.  With the Easter cartridge in, cut out one "Lamb" layer in a darker color like brown or black.  Make sure to make your lamb smaller then your card opening.  After you create the lamb layer, cut out the "Lamb" in a white or cream, same size as your layer.  You can then finish your lamb by cutting out the lamb's face with the last layer, again in a darker color card stock like brown or black.

Lastly with the Easter cartridge cut out one grass in a green, again no bigger then your card opening.  Start by gluing your lamb to the lamb layer and then the lamb's face on top of that.  Let dry.  Using a blue card stock cut a square a little bit bigger then the card opening and glue it on the inside so it shows through the front.  Glue your grass to the front of the blue square.  Cut a small piece of foam tape and stick it to the back of your lamb.  Peel the other side of the foam tape off and stick it to the blue square.  Tada!  You have a nice lamb Easter card.  I used the Easter cartridge to make the Happy Easter on the inside to but you could always leave it blank.

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