Friday, March 5, 2010

Chemo Cowl

A woman in my crafting group (known as The Vixons) is part of our counties fiber guild that knits/crochets scarfs and cowls for the chemo patients at our local hospital.  I asked her if I could make one and started on my first cowl.  A cowl is basically a scarf that is closed.  It’s big enough to slide over your head and rests like a big fancy necklace around your neck over your shoulders.  They are incredible easy to make and fun! 


Yarn: Red Heart
Color: 59
Needle: Circular 29 inches Size US 8

  Cast on 70 stitches or desired length
   Join round and knit in round until hat reaches  desired length
  Bind end

That’s it!  Of course this pattern would be really easy to change and I think if I was going to do it again I would have used a more chunky yarn and maybe tried something other then just a knit, but that’s what is so fun about a cowl, they are quick enough to make a second one in no time!  I hope that a chemo patient enjoys the cowl I made and that it keeps them warm and fashionable!

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