Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garden fresh salsa

What's better then a lazy weekend?  A lazy weekend with homemade salsa.

We made a nice salsa with ingredients from our garden: cherry tomatoes, mystery tomatoes (more on this later), roma tomatoes, a hot pepper, a green pepper and cilantro.  The only thing in our salsa not from our garden was garlic and salt.  Just threw them in the food processor and yum it was tasty.

One of the joys of summer!


Karen Patrick said...

We had our first tomato yesterday. I was delish. Ours got such a late start because of all the rain here but the plants are loaded, just none ready to get ripe yet. The one that was ripe was on the plant when we bought it. I'm so jealous that you have ripe tomatoes.

Danielle said...

The first tomato is always the best! We don't have a lot of roma's yet so our salsa was mostly made from our yellow lemon-drop cherry tomatoes but it still worked well. The season here is so much different then up North though. Our tomatoes are growing like weeds!