Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to: Make a bluebird feeder


We had a lovely bluebird family nest near our garden last month and I was so excited to hear their little babies start to chirp for the first time a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the bird house was ripped down by a raccoon and the little blue birds didn't make it.  I want to encourage more blue birds to come nest here though once we get a proper house up so we decided to make a blue bird feeder.  Here's how we did it.


4 1"x1" pieces of wood that are 7" long
1 8"x8" piece of plywood
2 pieces of wire 25" each
1 piece of wire 15" long
4 eye hooks
8 Small nails


Arrange your 4 1"x1" pieces of wood on the edges of your plywood and using a hammer and nails, attach the two together from the bottom like so:

Next, add the 4 eye hooks to the corners of the feeder:

Bending your 25" pieces of wire in half, twist them on the eye hooks in opposite corners, crisscrossing them at the top center:

Lastly, with your 15" piece wire fold this in half through the top center of the other wires and twist it together.  This will make a hook so you can hang your new feeder:

I filled our new platform feeder with blue bird suet balls which I found at our local Tractor Supply Store and dried meal worms which I found at Lowes.  So far it has attracted bluebirds and cardinals!

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