Monday, January 3, 2011

Our first egg!

It was a Christmas miracle!  We got our first egg from our chickens.  It was a total shock.  We had almost given up that we would get eggs - it seemed like it would never happen.  We were out closing the chickens in and I had to go in the coop to check the water and there is was sitting in the center of the one of the nesting boxes.  A perfectly oval white-speckled brown egg.  That was Christmas Eve and on Christmas we got one more egg so we were able to eat our first chicken eggs on Christmas.  It was pretty neat.  I made bacon cups with them - line bacon in muffin pan, bake until crispy, crack egg in bacon cup, bake again until done.  They were very good.  Other then the egg event, we had a really nice Christmas.  The girls got hot oatmeal breakfast from Santa:

and the boys got wet food (their favorite):

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