Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jan. book: Guide to Tennesee Vegetable Gardening

Going along with my list of things I'd like to do in 2011 I'm already starting No. 6 on the list:  Read more.  So my book for January was a Christmas present from my mom, Guide to Tennessee Vegetable Gardening by Walter Reeves and Felder Rushing.  And although this is a gardening book I will be reading it front to back - I've already read through a lot of it.  It's nice because it goes into the soils of East Tennessee and within a specific type of vegetable, say watermelon, it tells you what kinds do well here and what kinds don't.  The only con about the book is that is doesn't go into detail about problems with each plant.  We, having just come from a very dry climate, are worried about how the humidity will effect our garden this year and the book doesn't really go into that.  But, it's a great resource for helping me plan out our garden this year and I'm really enjoying it.

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