Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tennessee State Fair

Well, we packed up our stuff, prepared our three cats and headed East.  We only managed one flat tire along the way but we made it across country and are settling in to our new town of Knoxville, Tennessee!

On our way across country one night we stayed in Nashville and were able to make it to the Tennessee State Fair.  I had to share this beautiful knitted sweater that was on display in the Arts & Crafts Building.  Isn't it wonderful? 

The colors are so pretty and the pattern was amazing! Amazing enough in fact to win first prize. 

Also, check out these great giant pumpkins!  I'm so excited to start a garden at our new house - our first garden together.  I'm already thinking a year in advance in terms of what plants I want to see next year that need planting this year (i.e. tulips and daffodils).  So many things to plant, so little time.

As a side note, I thought since we are in a new town, a new blog look was fitting.  I hope everyone enjoys!

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