Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mystery Tomato

We have a mystery tomato plant in our garden!  We planted three variates of tomatoes this year: Brandywine, Lemon Drop Cherry, and Amish Paste Roma.  However, what was suppose to be a roma come out quite different.  In the picture above you can see the romas to the left and the cherries to the very right.  In the middle is our mystery tomato.

They are small, around 2 inches, and they are completely round unlike the romas that are pointy.  They even have different leaves then the rest of our tomatoes:

Its leaves have purple spots on them and it is the only tomato plant we have the appears to be struggling even though it is producing lots of fruit.  I'm completely puzzled by our mystery tomato plant.  We ordered our seeds from Seed Savers Exchange so I called and ask them if they could be of any help - did we make some strange hybrid plant, is this just an Amish Paste that got deformed from the hail storm we had, or did a random seed find its way into our Amish Paste seed packet?  They seemed as intrigued as me and have asked me to send pictures our of mystery tomato plant so they can try and identify it.  Anyone else have a guess while I wait to see what they say?

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Karen Patrick said...

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